Cost: The effort, loss, or sacrifice necessary to achieve or obtain something

I’ve been talking to a lot of film students and film school graduates about their projects, and there are several themes that seem to run through all our conversations. The one I’m thinking of right now, is budgets.

I would imagine that there are three budgets when it comes to making any film; first you have the ‘how much I have to spend’ budget. Then the ‘how much can I make it for’ budget, and finally, the most ignored of the three, the ‘how much would it really have cost to make’ budget. Continue reading

“If I wanted a long arm I’d have asked for it!”

long armFor the last several¬†years I’ve seemingly become obsessed with something that I’d never once thought about.
What is it? The ‘long arm’!
I’ve been working in the film industry in the US since 1989, and here in London since 2006.
One of the first things I noticed when I started working on sets over here, is that no one uses long arms when using a ‘C-stand’. When the gaffer gets on the walkie and says “Bring me in a tall C-stand”,¬† 90% of the time the spark brings it in with just a knuckle. Then when the gaffer is setting the flag or net, and the DOP says ” Ok, lower that a little.” The gaffer gets back on his walkie-talkie and says “Bring me in a long arm.” Most DOP’s I work with would sit on the dolly opened mouth watching this event. Continue reading